In the world of real estate we meet some pretty awesome people. Some of these people own pretty awesome companies that can help you during the real estate transaction. We have gathered a list of trusted professionals to help you with common things like roofing, HVAC, Plumbing, and more. Check out our resources below!

– HVAC – Boyer Heating and Air                                   Phone:    205-903-6192

– Roofing – Alabama Roofing                                       Phone:    205-285-9300

– Plumbing – D & N Plumbing                                       Phone:    205-608-0550

–  Windows – Thermaguard Windows                         Phone:    205-795-3696

–  Landscaping – Advanced Lawn                                 Phone:    205-910-2991

–  Pressure Washing – Rescue Power Washing         Phone:    205-913-4522


Ask us for more resources if you are looking for a particular profession that isn’t listed above. We know PEOPLE!