1. Preparation

  • Contact mortgage lender and get pre-approved for a loan
  • Contact Jecca + Stephen to assist in your home search based on your budget and criteria
  • Find available properties and begin viewing houses.

2. Contract Process

  • Submit an offer
  • Negotiate variables  within the contract                                                                 
  • These variables could include: amount seller is paying in closing costs, who is paying for the septic, termite, home warranty and survey
  • Finalize the contract 
  • Send earnest money check ($500-$1,000)

3. Variables

  • Schedule Home Inspection (paid by buyer to inspector)
  • Request and negotiate repairs with the seller
  • Appraisal is ordered by the lender (paid by buyer to lender – $500)
  • Closing is booked with attorney by the Realtor
  • Following accepted appraisal, Realtor orders termite, septic, survey, and home warranty

4. Closing

  • Receive ‘Clear to Close’ from lender
  • Review closing disclosure from attorney
  • CLOSE on your new home!